Halters, Leads and Neck Collars that FIT!!

After many years of wanting mini cows, this past fall I took the plunge!

I had been searching websites for a few years and this fall my husband and I decided to take a look.  If you want to know the real truth, it was mostly me and I dragged my husband along! I grew up on a farm and have had horses all of my life but I've always had a love for cows!  And Minis seemed to be the perfect fit for our 10-acre farm.  

Since I knew I could not raise something that we'd eat for dinner, I did my research on different types of Mini Cows. I decided Jerseys were the breed for me. I visited with quite a few breeders before finding the King of the Jersey breeders, Tim O’Donnell at Dexter Corner in Effingham, Illinois. I purchased two heifers and bull from Tim. 

We have enjoyed every minute since we brought them them home! Dunkin (mini bull), Donut (mini heifer) and Daisy (mid-size mini heifer) have been the talk of our town and we've had many visitors out to see the gang. 

When this all started, my husband Dan who had to be dragged to the Mini Cow farms and was there really just to support me, but now honestly, I think he has found his true calling! He is great with the cows and loves them too!

You might be thinking...Why mini cow halters? How did that all come about? 

Well, I have owned my own horse tack business since 2000 (www.perrisleather.com) and I was having a terrible time finding halters that fit the new members of our farm! My knowledge and resources to make tack and halters for horses and collars and leashes for dogs was a perfect match to make high-quality, affordable halters for Mini Cows that fit well! 

So that's how I started Mini Cattle Supply. We make top-quality, American-made products with superior craftsmanship -- all at a great price for horses, dogs and now Mini Cows with Mini Cattle Supply.com. 

If you're looking for something to fit your mini cow and can’t find it, please contact us and let us know.  This product line is specifically designed to fit and we are excited listen to your feedback. I love stories too and look forward to hearing about your Mini Cows! And we LOVE, LOVE pictures! Please send us photos of your Mini Cows! Perhaps, we'll add your photos here!

Thank you!

Carla Perri

The gang at the farm.