Halters, Leads and Neck Collars that FIT!!

Dunkin, Donut and Daisy each wearing Mini Cattle Supply's own halters. 
Dunkin, at left, is wearing the Leather Turnout Halter for Calves. 
Daisy (middle), our mid-size heifer, is wearing our Rope Halter with Lead 
and Donut, our mini heifer, is wearing a Nylon Halter in Brown. 

Did you know? 

1. Holstein Cows markings are unique as fingerprints. No two are alike

2. Humans and Cows have the same gestation period which is about 9 months

3. Cows detect odors up to 5 miles away

4. Studies have shown that classical music helps cows produce more milk

5. A cow averages 40,000 jaw movements a day

6. Cows have four chamber stomachs

7. Cows can sleep standing up

8. You can lead a cow up a stairwell but not down a stairwell

9. Cows have 32 teeth and a tough pad of skin instead of teeth on the top front of their jaw

10. Cows were first brought to Plymouth Colony in 1624

Below is Dunkin, our Mini bull. He LOVES apple slices.