Halters, Leads and Neck Collars that FIT!!

Perri's Leather Potion 6 Ounce Size


Works like Magic! Perri's Leather Potion will keep the leather on your halters soft and supple! 

Perri's Leather Potion is simply the best all-in-one leather remedy you will find that does not leave a filmy residue. It's a luxurious cleaner and conditioner that nourishes the leather. It's specially formulated neutral color keeps leather supple, strong and beautiful. 

Cleans, conditions, preserves and weather proofs while allowing leather to breathe. 

Great for the leather on your Mini Cow leather products as well as shoes, saddles, harnesses...basically if it's leather, then it needs The Potion!

Easy to use: Just clean the leather by wiping it down with a sponge and clean water. 

While the leather is still damp, apply a small amount of Perri's Potion to a soft cloth and rub into the leather with circular motions. There should be a sheen to the surface of the leather after working the Perri's Potion in. Buff vigorously with a clean cloth to melt the surface waxes to a nice shine. 

Also available in a smaller size: Click here!

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